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Welcome to my lifestyle blog, thanks for visiting! I decided to start this blog because love doing so many things, especially entertaining and decorating my living space. I have a style all my own and I hope to share lots of things with you on this blog.

While some of the items I review may be provided to me from various companies, all thoughts and opinions are my own and brutally honest. If a product has been provided to me for reviewing purposes, a disclaimer is noted in the review post. For items purchased by me, there isn't a disclaimer.

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Mini Bio: I’m a 30 something, suburbanite, living in the suburbs of Detroit, MI. I’m married with two adult step-daughters. By day, I work a full-time non-creative job. By night, I’m a content creator; blogger, vlogger, and podcaster. I enjoy all things decadent; books, food, wine, cute jewelry, the perfect Cosmo and last but not least, travel!! I’m a self proclaimed Foodie, Book Addict and World Traveler. Founder of the Great Lakes Book Blogger Alliance.

Book Blog: http://www.shelfaddiction.com/
Food Blog: http://truefoodieatheart.blogger.com/
Lifestyle Blog: http://alavishlife.blogspot.com/