Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Bauble Bar Anyone? | My First Bauble Bar Experience

A while back I spotted a very cute, but expensive piece of costume jewelry. I hunted it down and it originated on  I signed up for their newsletter, but didn't purchase for a long time. I personally have a hard time allowing myself to spend large amounts of money on costume jewelry. So with that said, I never purchased the original piece that drew me to the website.  Over the past few months or so, I've noticed "Buried Bauble" emails where there is one item on sale for $10. Now that of course, caught my attention.  I spotted this very cute necklace for $10 with free freight, so that was my chance to try it out.

The box arrived quickly and I just thought the packaging was really pretty and vibrant.

I had one major issue with this piece of jewelry. Check out the color of the pendant. I included a screenshot from the Bauble Bar website as a comparison.  I'm sure it's clear as day what the issue is.  I didn't complain, I just accepted it, because it was $10 after all...but then I received an Bauble Bar email asking for my rating of the item. I gave the rating and my honest opinion.  Then a few days later someone from their customer service team reached out to me. First off, that speaks volumes to me because you can tell they are really serious about customer satisfaction, which is always a bonus in my book.

When I was asked why I gave the rating I did I explained and attached the same photos as below. Yes, there is always a color variation with natural stone, this was drastic. Mines it more green instead of blue plus it's very dull.  I'm starting to wonder if they photo shopped the mess out of the jewelry on their website because it looks much different.

They responded apologetically and offered me a $5 credit on my account or to return it.  Even though I was initially disappointed with the color, I didn't see any point in returning a $10 purchase. I still liked the necklace over all so I decided to keep it and accepted the credit.

The necklace is dainty and is great as a layering piece.  I like the Bauble Bar stamped into the back closure pieces.  It feels sturdy and I'm sure the chain won't break easily.  Following their instructions will most likely have this piece lasting a long time.  I'm very happy to have picked this up on a Buried Bauble special because paying the regular price of $30+ for this necklace would've never happened because I feel it's way over priced.

As of today, this piece is no longer on the site. Even though my first purchase was a tad disappointing, I'll buy from Bauble Bar again.  I'm thinking of purchasing a larger statement necklace next time as I'd like to see how the quality is on the larger pieces. I'll have to wait for another Buried Bauble opportunity because there's no way I'm paying those prices for costume jewelry!

How was your Bauble Bar experience?  If you're a frequency shopper of Bauble Bar, tell me what your favorite piece is.

Live Lavishly,
*I purchased this jewelry myself. This is not a sponsored post.

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