Friday, March 11, 2011

My Book Club!

With all of these new things I have going on, you can see that I like keeping busy. Hopefully I’m not making my plate too full. I still have tons of things on my list! I digress, anyways, I started by own book club! Yay! Finally! I’d been talking about doing this for years and never got around to doing it. I started a group on this past Sunday. Already there are 9 members! Not too shabby! Our first meeting is to discuss the books we want to read and places that we want to hold our meetings at. I’m excited. I hope the ladies come with some good ideas to contribute. If they don’t, their bad. We’ll be reading all the books on my “to read” lists and going where I want! :-)

If you live in the Metro Detroit Area and want to check out a Women’s book club, check us out!

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