Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Bar Louie Tavern & Grill

Yesterday my friend and I decided to check out Bar Louie for lunch. First let’s start with the beverage. What can I say, I super puffy heart love Cosmopolitans. It’s my go to drink. Let me tell you, I know how to make the perfect Cosmo, and I know how to tell the bartender how to make it also. J So I decided to give the Louie’s Cosmo a try since the ingredients looked pretty appealing. Basically a clear Cosmo, made with Belvedere Citrus, Citrónge Orange Liquer, fresh lime juice, white cranberry juice & a splash of pure cane syrup. It’s awesome! It’s my favorite drink there. I plan on making this at home this summer. YUMMM!

Also, I had chicken quesadillas that were pretty tasty. The chicken was well seasoned and moist. I love guacamole, so I know what flavors to expect and how I like it. Unfortunately their guacamole was bland and needed some lime or lemon to keep it from turning brown. I usually don’t see brown guacamole in a restaurant, so that was a little odd.

Drink Rating: 5 forks
Entree Rating: 3 forks

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