Saturday, March 3, 2012

5K Training!...And other stuff!

I all, I’m back for a brief update! Okay, I’ve decided to do a 5k (3.1 miles) on June 9th.  This is for charity, the 5k is called Run 2 Read.   This past Monday I began my training.  Yes…training.  I’m excited and I hope that signing up for this 5k will keep me motivated and moving forward.  I have to register lo later than May 11th, at that point I have to decide to sign up for the 5k run or 5k walk.  If by May 1st, I can completely run at least 2 miles, I’ll go ahead and sign up for the run.  I really want to accomplish this and I know I have a hard 8-12 weeks ahead of me, but I’m ready to go! Plus, if this helps me get off a few pounds, fabulous!   Anyhow, back to the topic at hand. Training.  I found this training calendar on, courtesy of Galloway’s 5k/10k Running.  It’s a schedule to get you to run a 5k in 7 weeks, so according to this, I should make my goal by the time I have to register.  Basically this program consist of 30 minute sessions 6 days a week.  Run/walk interval training for 3 days, walking only for 3 days and resting for 1 day.  I decided to make up my own version of the program, pretty similar to this one.  My treadmill already has a weight loss program and  an interval program.  Both of these utilize interval training, i.e., 30 seconds faster, then 30 seconds slower, etc.  The weight loss program integrates incline into the speed changes.  I figure between these two programs, it’ll do the trick.  I've posted my modified training plan that I did myself.

On another note, I know I didn’t post about it before, but I’ve decided to go natural, I haven’t had a relaxer in my hair since early July 2011.  I think I didn’t mention it before it because I wasn’t sure I would stick with it.  I’m posting now because I’ve decided to give it 100% in hopes to eventually have a head full of natural hair with no relaxed ends.  I wish I had thought to do a length check back in July, but noooo, of course I didn’t.  I do recall that at the time of my decision to go natural, my hair was thin and very short in the back.  I believe that in addition to the relaxer, the stylist I was seeing was pressing my hair way to hard.  At the time I decided to go natural, I was so fed up with the service I was getting, I also changed hair stylist while I was at it.  I’m glad that I did switch, because my new stylist is known for “growing hair”.  She still flat irons me, but not nearly as hard.  I’ve been complimented on my hair tons of times since I’ve given up the relaxer and changed stylist!  My hair looks full and healthy.  Regarding hair growth, as of today, my hair now reaches that bone near the top of my back. It’s growing slowly but surely without much breakage. 7+ months into transition and so far, so good and I’m feeling great about that. 

Once I committed to the natural hair think I quickly realized that I’m not the short curly, afro or braids natural girl, but I’m more the “my hair is trained because it’s always flat ironed”  natural girl.  LOL, anyways, the point is that goal is to have armpit length natural and trained hair.  Since the weather will be warming up soon plus with all of my new working out efforts, I decided it’s time to tryout some protective styles aka weaves.  Because of all the intense working out, once I start sweating in my head, my hair needs more attention to keep it looking good.  MORE upkeep??!?! I don’t think so!  I know I can’t and won’t be flat ironing my hair weekly just to keep from looking crazy, so it was time to look for alternatives. My stylist mentioning relaxing the edges only, but I don’t think so!!! If I’m going to do natural, I’m going to do it 100%.  Thus lead me to finding some cute protective styles that I can rock during the warm months.  These full weaves will first to keep my hair looking good at all times, and second, keep my hair protected as it grows. Pictured are a few styles that I'm considering for myself.

I will definitely do a growth check before photo immediately prior to going into my protective style weave and an and an after picture once I have maintained my protective style for a few months. 

Wish me luck..on both accounts!

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