Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5K Training... Update!

I'm registered!!  Training has slowed down because I'm no longer going to run the 5K. My knees started to feel weird and I don't want to injure my knee(s) ...so needless to say,  I'm now walking the 5K.  In addition to my knees,  what ultimately made me change my mind about running is that a few weeks ago I found out that the park where the event is being held has lots of small hills and it's a trail,  not a paved road.   A few days following that new information,  I did almost 3 miles in my very hill laden subdivision.  I was shocked that my time slowed down to 5 minutes more per mile!  That's my fault for training only indoors on my treadmill. I should have split the time and ran outside also.  Oh well, lesson learned.   I'm a little let down about it,  but on the upside I'm happy that several members of my book club will now be joining me on the walk!

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