Sunday, December 23, 2012

Holiday Cookie Exchange 2012

About two weeks ago I held my second annual cookie exchange party. It was really fun and I must say that we had a pretty good turnout it was 7 of us baking this year, versus 8 from last year.  I must say, this year everyone seemed to step it up with the types of cookies. We had an orange cookie with a candied orange rind on top, a lemon sandwich cookie, a cranberry and white chocolate cookie, among others.

To the right is a photo of everyone's packaged cookies. My cookies aren't in the photo of because unfortunately I forgot to take a photo before everyone packed theirs up, so what's left are the 6 boxes I received from others.
2012 Packaged Cookies

Again this year, I went ahead and made a little recipe book to give to the guest as a favor. They're pretty cute. I made a jpeg of the recipes and print them on photo paper which was much easier than last year. Last year I did a lot of cutting pasting, it was just too much work.

I've included a photo of both this years in last years booklet since I didn't post about it last year.

2011 Packaged Cookies
This year my cookie was a Hot  Chocolate cookie. I found it on Pinterest, and it was an excellent recipe. Everyone loved them. When I did my test run on about a week before the exchange, I sent all of the cookies to work with my husband. All his coworkers love them. I think that this will be a cookie I'd make every year when I want to give gifts.  

Last year, I made a chewy coconut cookie. That cookie was amazing and easy to make.  My husband requested the cookies be topped with milk chocolate. So I made a batch especially for him and he liked them so much he has asked for them on more than one occasion. Of course I had to make a few batches for him this holiday season. 

Are you participating in cookies change this year? How about last year? What are your favorite cookies to bake for exchanges?

2012 Booklet
2011 Booklet

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