Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Does It Works! Really Work? | Ultimate Body Wrap Review

Before I start please remember that this review is strictly my opinion. I am NOT a healthcare professional, a weight loss coach, or any type of health professional.

A friend of mines gave me one of the wraps that she had left from her stash. Apparently she didn't care for the wraps and she said that didn't work for her.  I'd heard so many good things recently, I decide to give it a try myself. In the interest of full disclosure, this wrap is about 9 months old. I looked and looked all over the packaging and I saw no expiration date.  The lotion was a little bit sticky, which could be due to the age of it.

The smell of the lotion on the wrap is positively disgusting. It reminds me of a mix of menthol, eucalyptus and Bengay. Yuck. If I had a stuffy nose the smell of this wrap would have cleared it up right away.

I was very careful with my measurements. I took measurements on three areas of my stomach before and after. I was sure to measure the exact same place and in the same manner before and after. For example I did not pull the measuring tape any tighter after the wrap, I tried to maintain the integrity of the measurements.

I wrapped myself with saran wrap and stayed in the wrap for 2 hours. At the end of that time I shrank a total of a ½ inch overall.  24 hours later, that ½ inch lose was gone. It should be noted that, I followed the instructions, and drank lots of water.

Would I suggest this product? Probably not. Especially not for the high cost of them. I'm sure this product works for some people, just as I'm also sure that it won't work for just as many people.  

Have you tried them? What was your experience?  When you post your feedback on the wraps, if you are a wrap representative selling them yourself, please say so in the interest of honesty and full disclosure.

I'm looking forward to hearing others experiences with this product!

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