Sunday, August 30, 2015

6 Reasons Why I'm Breaking Up With Sprint

As the title of this post says, I'm breaking up with my long term mobile carrier, Sprint. Let me tell you why.  I've had several issues with Sprint in the past with both their level of cell phone service and customer service. My most recent experience was the last straw.

If you're into cell phones, then you know that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus was released last weekend. I signed into my Sprint account and requested a notification of my status for upgrade. I received a text message saying that as of August 1st I was eligible for upgrade. That was great news, so my husband and I went to Best Buy to purchase the phone and update my contract. I get to the store, pick the phone, start the process and while they're looking at my account they say I don't see where you're available for a contract upgrade. Things by roll downhill from there. We end up leaving the store and I called Sprint's customer service. I reach their customer service and they tell me which options are available. When I described the text message and pointed out that there was no mention of limitations on a upgrade, they acted totally oblivious.  The first customer service rep attempted to bypass the system and give me a contract update. That's was good, and would have solved my problem, but the guy couldn't do it so he sent me to a supervisor. The supervisor was very much unapologetic about the rules she would not attempt to bend in anyway shape or form to satisfied me as a customer. In the end I ended up telling the supervisor that I wanted to know how much it is to buy out my contract and I'll take my business elsewhere.  What did she say to that? Nothing. Dead silence. Well thank you very much for all of your non-help and for showing me the door after 15 plus years of loyalty.  To add insult to injury, after waiting on hold for 20 minutes the manager returned to the phone to tell me that to pay out of the little less than 3 months remaining on my contract costs $100! $100?! That is madness.

You would think that three months of a contract wouldn't be worth losing a customer of so many years. Looking at it from the money standpoint, Sprint has made TONS of money off of me. In my particular case, it would have been worth it to waive the last three months for me to sign up for two more years and buy a phone.  Thier management isn't very smart.  Right now there are several really cool Samsung deals going on with the purchase of a new phone at Best Buy so obviously I'm wanted in on the freebies. Who wouldn't?

This is not my first bad experience with Sprint customer service. In the past I tried to change my plan and have been given bad information as to what the plan includes, so this is another example of them not knowing they're own plans and/or policies.  When it's all said and done, I'll be taking my money elsewhere. Let me give you six brief reasons why.

1. Sprint sends deceptive emails and text messages about the ability to upgrade your phone. When really it's just an offer to lease or FlexPay only. No contract renewal option. Leasing and FlexPay is a way more expensive way to go. Why not be honest in the message and say clearly state "Currently eligible for a FlexPay or lease upgrade. You're eligible for a contract renewal on X date".  Simple, to the point, and most of all...not deceptive.

2. Sprint's customer service is the worst. If you talked to 3 different agents you'll hear three different stories or three different sets of information. They do not know what they're talking about and they are all confused.

3. Sprint customer service managers are the worst as well. They don't really have the ability to help the customer, and in my case one manager was willing to see a customer of 15+ years leave over three months remaining on a contract. It's sad.

4. Sprint does not care about customer loyalty. No matter how long you've been with Sprint they will not help you and your situation. Being a long time customer, and good standing ie. never paying late, always buying a new phone every two years, spending a lot of money with Sprint and the fact that they would not let me renew a contract three months early without paying a hundred dollars is insane.

5. The Sprint international data service is a joke. When I went to Canada and Italy this summer I had the worst time with a connection.  Not only wouldn't my phone work half the time, the data was virtually nonexistent.

6. I want the ability to talk on the phone and search the internet at the same time. Sprint is behind in the technology!

Who will I now give my hard earned money to? I'm seriously looking into T-Mobile. They prices are competitive to Sprint and they get extra points because several people have recommended them to me. Before I make final decision, I want to hear what you all have to say.  I understand that no wireless carrier is 100%, but if you have one that you like - please share what company it is and why you like them.

Updated on 9-3-2015: On Sunday, August 30th I shared this blog post on Twitter with the CEO of both Sprint (@marceloclaure) and T-Mobile (@JohnLegere) and within minutes of that Tweet being posted, Sprint reached out to me and said they wanted to make it right. When the manager called me she said “We don't want you to break up with us.”. Yes, she said that.  I replied, “Okay – what can you do?”. I got a phone call from one of their Analyst only a few moments after I hung up from that call.  When it was all said and done, they did make it right. I was able to get the phone I wanted, credits for the Samsung incentive and freebie that I missed out on, and a two year contract renewed a few months early without penalty. I guess they do care about customer loyalty…or rather social media. Regardless, I got what I wanted and Sprint stepped up and made it right. My phone arrived yesterday and I activated it immediately.  I now have my beautiful phone and I’m a satisfied customer again.  So needless to say…I’m with Sprint for two more years. What do you think of that?

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