Sunday, January 24, 2016

NAIAS 2016 | North American International Auto Show

The North American International Auto Show is held at Cobo Hall in Downtown Detroit. I remember attending the auto show every year when I was a kid with my parents and my two little sisters. Year after year we go. My Dad is an engineer and has worked in automotive since before I was even I glimmer of a thought in my parents world. Thanks to that, my sisters and I were (at the time) tortured with hours on top of hours of walking around looking inside and scrutinizing (what felt like) each vehicle. While we had a long day of walking, I remember it fondly. The yummy and bad for you food that we'd ingest all day in between sitting (aka playing) in cars we had no clue how to drive.

While we no longer do this event as a family, as we've all grown up and times have changed, as of the last few years, my Dad and I have started what seems to have become a new tradition of sorts, me and my Dad walking the NAIAS on the last day of the show. Dad and daughter day is what I like to call it. As an adult also in the automotive industry, I really enjoy it. I had a great time sitting in all the luxury high end vehicles, dreaming of what I'll next have in my garage. 

Over the years my taste in cars has evolved. This year I was really swooning over the 2016 Lincoln MKX Black Label edition luxury crossover, it's spectacular. I also drooled just a bit over the 2017 Cadillac XT5 crossover intended to compete in the same market. Unfortunately, this vehicle was up on a stage, so I couldn't get in.

This year, the auto show seemed smaller than it usually is. I suspect that it's shrinking little by little each year. Which saddens me, but I'm glad that the attendance remains strong. Even on the last day, tons of people everywhere. We didn't see Land Rover/Range Rover vehicles anywhere, which was unfortunate because my Dad loves those! We looked for at least 30 minutes, consulted the map and still no go.
Me and Dad...don't we look alike?!

Did you attend the NAIAS? If so, what cars caught your attention?

I didn't bring my camera to take serious photos, but I did use Snap Chat a few times while I there. I decided to share some of those Snaps that I took throughout the day - if you weren't able to make it to Detroit, here's a small taste of what I experienced at the NAIAS this year.

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