Saturday, November 19, 2016

Lush Bath Bombs | Love it or Leave it?

Over the past years I've heard tons of YouTubers and bloggers talking about all that is Lush, especially the bath bombs. With the price tag on these products, I was curious to see what I thought of them.  After months of skirting round it, I finally had a reason to take a $7 bath. I recently went on a business trip to LasVegas where I was standing for 10+ hours a day at a trade show and by the end of it, by feet were killing me. So, I decided to make that evening a pamper night in the hotel.

After the trade show, I ditched my coworkers and I stopped at Lush. I picked up a Big Blue bath bomb that boast about it's seaweed and sea salt that are geared toward sore muscles. I made a second stop to grab a bottle of red wine, and a a Artisan (ie. expensive) small pizza and headed back to my room at the Bellagio.  I had a book on stand by as well as Netflix on my tablet.

From "...For a truly oceanic experience, we've added in some of nature's finest ingredients: sea salt and seaweed. These mineral-rich gems soften the skin and ease tired muscles. Lie back to sail away to a clear head and a revitalized body."

I should note that while the store was a bit overwhelming for a first timer, the retail staff was just awesome. They were ready to help the minute I started reading the tags under the products. As I wasn't sure which bath bomb to go with, I took the sales persons advice and I was glad that I did.

I was ready. I grabbed the Big Blue bath bomb and my cell phone. I just knew that I was going to try to catch this magic on video.

I was pleasantly surprised by the bold color of the water, the nice fragrance, and the amount of actual seaweed in it. Top that with the fact that the bath bomb actually worked! After about 40 minutes of soaking and the water was no longer warm, my skin was smooth, and my muscles felt the difference.

The verdict is it!  I'll be buying more bath bombs from Lush in the near future. I look forward to trying out several others. It's an expensive bath, but it's a total worthy treat when you're feeling a a little indulgent and you want to pamper yourself.

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