Monday, August 23, 2010

Short Sale Hell…

We are two blissful newlyweds…except one thing. Sadly we don’t live together yet! We came home from our honeymoon and we both still stay separately with our parents. We are anxiously waiting to close on a short sale home that we have been in the process of purchasing for the last 5 months! It’s a beautiful house in a newer neighborhood. We are so close to calling it our new home, yet still so far. We are at the mercy of Chase Bank! Here are a few pictures of the house we are trying to make our own.

We are both first time homeowners, so this is a very exciting time for us. This process of short sale…let me tell you. If you don’t have to do short sales…DON’T!! I believe it will pay off in the end, but getting to the end is the most difficult. The short sale process is full of ups and downs and tons of frustration. My husband has kept a cool and level head while at times I’ve been close to blowing a gasket! I’m 2 seconds from going off on our agent, the seller’s agent and Chase Bank!! This past week we had to resign the purchase agreement and some other things. I hope that we will FINALLY hear something good this week. Supposedly, the seller’s agent says that he finally got a hold of a supervisor at Chase and with our resigned purchase agreement; they’ve promised things will finally start moving. We’ll see. Sadly, I do not really believe him. I just try to keep remembering that nothing worth having comes easy.

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