Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Running at the Mouth: Guns at the Arts, Beats and Eats Festival?!?

Open carry a gun to an arts festival….I can’t even believe this is a topic that people are actually getting upset about. This is ludicrous! Over the last month, every local news station and radio show has been talking about how the “open carry” activists were upset because the city of Royal Oak wanted to ban open carry guns at the festival. In the end, after an up war by the open carry activists, last week the gun ban was lifted by the City Commissioner. This means that guns can be carried in a holster in plain sight. It’s stupid and a waste of news air time. I’m really tired of hearing about it. And all the activists are getting on my damn nerves, because it’s not that serious. Nobody was trying to take anyone’s rights away.

Open carry activists…you’re upset? Really?!?! As always at these types of events, there will be tons of police and security present. This is the 13th year for the Arts, Beats and Eats festival and there has never been an issue which would result in people being fearful of their safety. I can’t understand why anyone would feel the need to carry a firearm to a local festival! This year there was a new open carry law passed in Michigan, which has apparently has opened a whole new can of worms. Because of this conflict, many people have said they will not attend this year because they fear activists will show up toting their guns…literally.

Under the open carry law, one is not allowed to open carry guns into establishments with liquor licenses, banks, churches, courts, theaters, sports arenas, day care centers and hospitals. Like many others, I also feel that this event should be treated like it’s a sports arena or an open bar. Thousands of people will be hanging out with family and friends. Watching musicians perform, eating good food, buying art and having a good time. I highly doubt there will be any need for a gun.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I have no issue with persons who feel the need to open carry a gun or have a CCW. Do what you do. (Side note: It's not required to have a CCW in order to open carry a gun.) BUT, I feel this is wrong place to have guns present. Guns should not be allowed at any event where lots of people gather. All it takes is on incident and everyone will be on the “Why did they approve this?!?” band wagon. It’s just not worth all the hype. This upcoming Labor Day weekend, if you’re going to the festival, please keep your guns at home people.

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