Wednesday, September 1, 2010

I Joined WW Online…

So, here’s the deal. The last time I weighed myself 3 months ago, I was up 5 pounds. I blame wedding planning and trying to get this house as the major causes for the gain! Following that shocking moment on the scale, sometime in July, I joined a weight loss group online. It wasn’t a true “program”, but the group consist of ladies who started a blog and wanted to lose weight and support each other. I dropped a couple pounds here and there, but in general I haven’t had much success with the weight loss blog. About a week before we left for the wedding, I pretty much threw the weight loss efforts out the window and I haven’t been back on the wagon since.

After we returned from our trip, I could feel that I’d gained a little weight, but I couldn’t tell how much. I guess I was scared to see, so I didn’t weight myself. Yesterday I bit the bullet and damn it, I gained 7 pounds in 5 weeks!!! I know I gained the bulk of the 7 pounds during our over the top indulgent honeymoon last month! Eight days of dessert after every meal, bottles of champagne at breakfast, decadent dinners, drinks throughout the day. All that eating and drinking while doing nothing but laying around the pool and on the beach. I’m sure part of the weight gain also happened when we got back home and I continued to eat bad and drink with the new husband. Well…now the party is over and I must get myself back in check! I know that if I work REALLY hard, I can drop 5-6 pounds in the first 2 weeks.

My goal is to drop this weight by Dec 1st. I think that’s reasonable. I can do it. So, to help my efforts of losing these 12 pounds, I joined weight watchers online. Once these 12 pounds are gone, I’d like to drop an additional 15 pounds, then I’ll be where I want. I’m feeling newly motivated and I’m excited to find some yummy and healthy recipes to try. Wish me luck because my hubby loves to eat fatty foods! Has anyone out there lost weight using the Weight Watchers online program? Was it a success for you? Have you maintained the loss?

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