Friday, October 1, 2010

House Update… Continue On or Walk Away?

Trying to get this house has become the biggest cluster ever. Basically my husband and I are now unsure if we even want to continue with this fiasco. Next week it will be 6 months since we’ve had a signed PA from the current home owner. We feel like our realtor is so full of sh*t. The lady is useless. The sellers agent is a dead beat and the broker we are dealing with (also through our agent) is coming up with the most ridiculous things they want us to gather for the lender! We are both sick and tired of this situation.

A week ago, this past Thursday, I went to take another look at this house because our PA expired (again) on Sept 30th and we wanted to check it out again before we extended it because it’d been a little over 5 months since we’ve seen the house. While I was in the area of the home looking around, I visited the Kroger store down the street from the subdivision, and let me tell you. I was not impressed. I’ve always had reservations with the area because it’s much more country than I’m used to…but that trip to the store confirmed it. I already knew that we were sacrificing location for a larger home for the money with less taxes, but jeez! Maybe this is a blessing after all, maybe we aren’t supposed to be in this house, maybe we are supposed to be in a nicer and more urban/suburban area, not the country!

We had been doing 30 day PA extensions since July, but this time they wanted us to sign a 45 day extension. This morning we told our agent that we would sign 15 day extension because we need to think about this some more before we commit ourselves to another 30-45 days or more for a house that we aren’t even 100% sure about any more. All in all, maybe I would feel different if we absolutely LOVED this house. We both really like it, but we also feel we could walk away from it with no love lost.

We are thinking about getting a 6 month lease and then waiting until spring time to start up house hunting again. We need a break from this! Maybe a fresh start with a new agent will get us a much better situation. We’ll have to reapply for a loan at that time, but who cares. I’d rather be living with my husband, renting a townhome that I like, in an area that I like rather than us living separately with our parents for an undefined amount of time. Seriously, we’ll be married 2 months next week and we don’t live together! That’s craziness.

Exploring our options! We are going to look at two townhome rental complexes this weekend to see what’s out there. Both complexes are in very desirable areas (in my humble opinion) and by looking at the websites, they look great with awesome amenities. Cross your fingers for us!

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