Monday, October 11, 2010

Bye, bye to the psycho cat?

So now that its looking very good that we will be moving into a new home...this subject has come up. Ebony. She is the second cat that I’ve owned and sadly, most of the time I regret getting her. It’s my fault though, because I made the terrible mistake of trying to replace my first cat Max. I was sad when Max was gone, in my eyes Max was a perfect cat. I was delusional thinking the next cat would be similar to him.

I’ve had Ebony for about 6 years. I got her from the Humane Society and she was a stray. To most she looks totally innocent...Wrong! This cat is very high maintenance and has major territory issues which have grown worse as the years go by. Ebony is not very friendly nor affectionate. She hisses at my young niece and nephew constantly. She has claws and I don’t feel comfortable with her around little kids…I fear she will bite or scratch them.. On top of that, my sister has a baby on the way, which I know I’ll be babysitting. A baby and a mean cat don’t mix well.

Even thought Ebony tolerates me…she doesn’t even let me brush her anymore. I’ll get a couple minutes in and then she’ll take a swipe at my hand with her very sharp claws or try to take a bite out of my hand. Which makes me not even want to brush her at all…and she sheds everywhere.

This cat thinks she’s the one in charge and we are there to serve her. When I put down a cup of food in the morning for the whole day, she gobbles it down within a few minutes and then proceeds to throw it up. Then turns around and meows/whines like I never feed her at all! Because of this I have to give her small amounts of food at a time. Some in the morning and then she gets the rest throughout the evening. If I don’t give her food exactly when she wants, she meows you to death. She follows you around meowing until you give her food. Sometimes, if you wait her out, she’ll give up and go lay down somewhere. That is rare though. Never mind that this cat is so fat, she can’t be that hungry!

I never wanted to be one of those people who got tired of a pet and just got rid of it…but I don’t think I can take her to our new home. She just has too many issues and she’s such a big pain for a pet. Can you blame me for wanting to say goodbye to this cat? I'm really going back and forth on this. One one hand I feel bad about giving her away and on the other hand I feel like I just have to figure what shelter I’m going to take her to and its adios Ebony. And adios cats. No more cats for me.

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  1. my cat is the same way. she'll tolerate me only when she wants to tolerate me. Unfortunately, she was free fed for the first year of her life and has now gained tons of weight to the point of where she'll die early because of it.

    I will say, if you do get rid of your cat, try and look for a no kill shelter. I know in my area, 95% of cats that go to the shelter are put down. I know she's a pain in your ass, but that might just save her life...maybe somebody else will want to deal with her.

    Good luck!!!