Friday, October 8, 2010

House Update!

Another chapter in the ongoing saga! How funny, after looking at apartments last weekend … this happens. Thank god we didn’t sign a lease! Exactly 6 months ago on April 7th we signed the purchase agreement for a short sale purchase, we’ve been in limbo waiting for the sellers bank ever since. Yesterday on the 7th, the offer was accepted by the sellers bank!!! This is awesome, it’s taken so long and finally we are so close to being in our own home! It’s funny when you think about it, we should have threatened to jump ship on this deal 3 months ago!

The sellers agent is asking if we can close by the end of this month…and now we may have a minor (or major) speed bump on our end. Our lender needs a document from the IRS for my husband’s taxes…the IRS hasn’t sent it yet and god knows how long it will take!! Our lender will not give us the green light without it. I’m nervous about what this will do to the deal. Most of yesterday all I could think about was now that we’re here I didn’t want to lose this house over paperwork!

Fortunately, yesterday afternoon our realtor (who hasn’t been much help so far) actually got off her ass and did her job! She presented us with an option to go with a different lender who will do our loan without the IRS transcript! They’ll take the stamped copy that we already have! YES! We met with her last night and signed an all new loan app for the new lender. We should know in the next 24 – 48 hours if we have the loan approved with the new lender. I’m feeling very confident about that and I’m sure we’ll get it. Thank god! That woman is finally taking care of business!

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