Monday, February 7, 2011

30ish x 30ish Update

I was supposed to post this a week ago! Better late than never. One of my family goals is to have my oldest niece and nephew over for the weekend once a month. My youngest niece is only 2 weeks old…so she has to wait to stay over until she is able to use the bathroom on her own! That was the rules for the first two kids, so it goes for her too, no matter how cute she is!

My niece is 9 and my nephew is 7 (8 in April). I used to babysit for them weekly, but since I’ve been engaged and then married, that has reduced a lot. Plus once we got our new house this past November, I’ve seen them even less frequently. They stayed overnight Christmas Eve with their mom, which was a good time, but I want them to be used to coming over themselves. Even though I love my little sis, it’s important for them to be completely comfortable coming over alone…plus spending more time with us will help them get use to my husband’s quirky personality. I think spending the weekend with my husband and I once a month is a good way to accomplish that.

Yay, this goal is 1/12th finished. I made January by the skin of my teeth. They stayed over the last weekend in January and we had a great time together. I could tell that they enjoyed being there. Plus they are pretty fun, cool and easy to please kids. If they play computer games and watch cable TV all weekend they are happy. The only thing that could make them happier is playing outside! My Husband and I took them to Applebees for dinner on Friday night. Then we pretty much just chilled all day at home on Saturday. I finished off the weekend by taking them to see Tron Legacy 3D before taking them home on Sunday evening.

I even had a chance to try some new recipes on them this weekend. I cooked a few things I thought they would appreciate. Unfortunately, my husband frowned up at these recipes (Apparently, he temporarily turned into a food snob)!! Too bad for him…myself and the kids loved them! On Saturday and Sunday I made breakfast and lunch. Saturday breakfast was standard, turkey sausage, eggs and biscuits. For lunch I made Oven Hot Dogs, which are basically baked Chili Dogs w/ baked fries. Totally delish!!! Then on Sunday I made them French Breakfast Puffs for breakfast w/hot chocolate and Pepperoni Pizza Puffs for lunch. Everything I cooked turned out great. I plan on cooking all three of those recipes again!

FYI: Here are links to the three recipes that I cooked. Much thanks to the awesome bloggers for these recipes!

Oven Hot Dogs -
French Breakfast Puffs - Pepperoni Pizza Puffs -

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