Monday, January 31, 2011

30ish x 30ish Challenge

I’m jumping on the bandwagon with everyone else and doing my own version of a 30x30 Challenge in 2011. I’m calling mines the “30ish x 30ish Challenge”. I have 32 to things to get completed by my next 30ish birthday, which is in December! If this goes well and I actually complete all of these things, I plan on doing it every year! If I did this yearly, just imagine how many things I could get accomplished.

I’ve made my lists and already started putting things into action! I have personal, family, professional, financial, decorating and cooking goals. I’ll be posting those as I get them completed. Some of the more personal ones I may touch on just a bit just to acknowledge completion, but don’t expect a full out diary!

GM update: I’m still doing the Green Monster Smoothies. I’m still trying to drink one every other day. I don’t feel that huge boost of energy anymore. I think things have leveled off, but my energy level is still good!

Stay tuned!

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