Thursday, April 28, 2011

Running at the Mouth: Fat Head Documentary

I'm clearly way late on this movie, but my sister brought it to my attention, so I figured I'd check it out. My husband and I watched the documentary Fat Head the other night. It was kind of a rebuttal against the Super Size Me documentary. In the beginning, this guy went to the doctor and got a exam. A physical including checking his weight and having blood test done. His cholesterol was great at the beginning of the experiment, and was still great at the end! He ate fast food for 30 days, 3 times a day and lost weight!! If I'm remembering correctly, he lost 9 pounds.

In my opinion, this documentary made a lot of sense! It provided me with a lot of information think about. One of the points was that restaurant industry can't force us to do anything. To overeat, to eat tons of fries, etc. We all have brains and should be able to use them! He also explained how too much insulin makes the cells in our bodies hold on to fat. Insulin is from starches that break down into sugar…i.e. insulin. Basically less carbs will result in better health and better weight loss. I get it. Kind of like what Atkins is about, but in this case not totally eliminating carbs. Also this documentary have a lot of information into how meat fats and some other fats are actually good for us and are needed for our body. Fats are good for us, in spite of the fact that the public at large is told regularly that a low fat diet is better.  In addition, we see that if you follow the money you’ll see how what is recommended that we eat has changed. The suggested guidelines are not based on what is truly healthy for us, instead it’s all about the money. So sad.

After we finished watching it, my husband said, “Maybe we could eat good salads all week and just splurge on the weekend.”….as we discussed it further. I found that essentially he doesn’t want any more carbs for dinner during the week. I’m totally on board with that. I can mix different greens and veggies to make awesome salads. I know I can grill several different proteins that also go great with and on salads. Chicken, Steak, Shrimp, Salmon, etc.

My weekday dinner posts on my food blog may be void of carbs for a while! That’s a good thing.

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