Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Crazy Busy!

This weekend was crazy busy. Unfortunately, I didn’t the down time I was hoping to get. I wanted to rest up because I have a sinus infection…but as long as I stay medicated, it’s tolerable.

Saturday, my hubby and I got up and got out of the house by noon. First we hit the Sprint store. I’m really thinking about getting an Samsung Epic 4g phone. The thing is, I don’t really need a phone right now. The Palm Pre I’ve had for a little over a year is still working fine, but the poor apps catalog and the lack of webos updates us such a huge let down. The webos doesn’t have a lot of apps that I would love to use…but of course they are available for Android phones. Plus my Pre is about as fast a turtle. On better days it moves a bit faster, but not by much. The other thing holding me back from getting the new phone is that due to the Smartphone data charge that Sprint has now imposed on all Smartphone users, my bill will go up $10/month if I get this phone. Regardless if you’re a new customer, existing customer purchasing a new Smartphone, or even an existing customer just changing Smartphones, everyone activating a Smartphone pays the additional $10/month. I currently don’t pay that for my current Smartphone, but that’s because I’ve had since prior to Jan 2011…but once I get this new phone, I’ll have to pay it and I’m not happy about it. I’d been trying to talk myself into making the purchase for months now…since I went to check out the phone on Saturday I’ve been mulling over it even more all weekend. We’ll see…

We also went to see Fast Five. That movie was really good. I won’t get into it because I don’t want to spoil it for anyone, but it did have all the cars, the eye candy (for men and women) and all the other stuff we expect from the Fast and Furious franchise. The movie also had a nice little ending too. Be sure to hang around for the credits…you’ll see something very interesting. After that we went to one of my favorite restaurants, J. Alexander’s. LOVE it. I posted the pictures of my wonderful dinner on foodspotter.com.

Sunday, another busy yet fun day. I got up early, picked up my friend and we went with a group of ladies to this crepe place in downtown Detroit called Good Girls Go to Paris Crepes. Their crepes were very authentic and it reminded me of Paris! I also posted a picture of the crepe I got on foodspotter.com also. Then we walked around the DIA (Detroit Institute of Arts). That was a good idea, we got to walk off that rich crepe while checking out all the interesting art.  Needless to say after that excursion I was exhausted (still not feeling 100%). The Advil was starting to wear off and my headache was back. I took more Advil, dropped of my friend and went home and took a 2 hour nap. Then woke up to head off to my monthly book club meeting. I think I’ve reached book club success! Yay! This was our 2nd meeting was really fun. Nice turn out, 6 ladies, 1 no show. We met at a Bahama Breeze restaurant. Nice atmosphere, good food and good drinks! Side note: they have a Pineapple Coconut Martini that was delish! It reminded me of Jamaica mon! We chatted about Water For Elephants and some personal stuff too. So far, I feel like this is a good group of ladies. Everyone got along and conversation flowed smoothly.

So, that was my action packed weekend! LOL…maybe I’ll get some rest this week. Wait, I just found out my husband's oldest daughter will be with us for the rest of the week and weekend. Getting rest is not looking very possible at this point, Oh well.

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