Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outdoor Living Space

We are making baby steps towards getting our outdoor living space together.  About a month ago we purchased our first patio furniture set. A couple weeks ago the weather finally broke and we were finally able to put it out. 
We bought a grill and put that out.  Next up, some kind of umbrella for the table.  I'm thinking a rectangle shape to copy the table shape.  Just in time for our June open house! Hopefully I can convince the hubby to get on board to get a fire pit to put out in the yard. I really want one, but he has this hang up about accidentally setting things fire...hmm...we'll see!

Eventually, once the funding becomes available, I'd like to add on to the deck for a hot tub area.  Maybe a gazebo style or something.  Then get the hot tub!  I'd like it to be off to the side in a secluded area.  Possibly plant some natural fencing around it for additional privacy.

In the mean time we'll have to start doing something with the landscaping.  You know, flowers, shrubs...all of that stuff.  Starting with the crazy looking tree in my front yard! I'm excited to get started.  Here are a few pics of my poor landscaping.  We clearly have our work cut out for us.
Backyard by deck 1
Backyard by deck 2
Front yard by porch 1

Front yard by porch 2

Front yard - the crazy tree!

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