Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Painting 101

OMG...I finally painted my 12x12 library/studio this weekend.  I thought would be a breeze but I was very mistaken.  This past weekend I took off Friday thinking I could get this done in one afternoon.  I should have known better!  On Friday it took me 4 1/2 hours just to prime the walls, the boarders and doors. This was crazy for real. I swear the previous homeowners were nuts. Who lets a child paint a room neon blue and black. THEN proceeds to paint ALL the trim everywhere black and blue also! So much damn work to repaint! I kept the accent wall black, but I couldn't keep the closet door painted the same, I tried to do 1 squeare with grey primer and it looked horrible. It's clear I'm a novice at painting and can't do all the little detailed art. Anyways, after consultig with my go to person (aka my wonderful sister in Altanta), I decided to paint the whole closet door grey.  I really needed to empty out the closet and paint it , but I didn't want to...it needs to be done since the inside is pink, from first crazy color the previous owners had that room. Even they were also too lazy to paint over the inside of the pink closet when they changed the room to blue and black.  On Monday morning I finished it up with a little over 2 more hours of labor.

Needless to say, I told my husband that he can do his bubble gum pink and yellow man cave himself!

I used Sherman Williams paint and products.  Started with a 75% tinted Dry Wall Primer (since the walls were so dark), then a coat of Samovar Silver Super Paint.  In addition to the primer and paint, my shopping list also included a 2" brush, a roller, disposable paint tray, blue tape, plastic tarp, plastic gloves (gotta save that manicure!).  Thank goodness the paint was 30% off, in addition, I had a $10 off coupon.  Total project cost: $76.

Now all I need to finish the room are a few paint touch ups and then decorate! Almost finished!

Before pics of the crazy blue and black room.

Check out these crazy ass colors!

I did a swatch of both grey and brown...grey (silver) won!

Check out the blue trim by the floor!

More blue...

Finished and beautiful!  All that is left is the fun part, decrorating!

Please ignore the blue tape! LOL...
Ditto for the tape on the closet!


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