Friday, March 22, 2013

25-Day Fitness Challenge | Week 2 Update

Hey everyone!

Happy Friday!  Time for my 25-Day fitness challenge update. Yes! I have completed week 2 and for some reason I missed one day this week. Seems like that's the trend...missing one day a week.  Hmm. I'll do better next week. (I'll try to anyways)

My knee is still aching and crunching/grinding, etc. I tried a knew support last night, and it didn't help. I ended up taking it off halfway through my workout. I'm starting to think it's probably my cartilage rubbing away. I don't know when I'll end up going to the doctor about it.  I'll keep a close eye on it and see how things go.  I'm looking forward to start my walk/jogging sessions out doors. That'll be the real test as to if I can do this Read2Run 5K. I'll know soon enough!

 Are you doing a Spring fitness challenge? How's it going for you?


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