Friday, March 15, 2013

25-Day Fitness Challenge | Week 1 Update

Hey all!

It's time for the update from this past week. I think I did pretty well this past week. I only missed one day, Tuesday, as I had a late homeowner association meeting which ran very late and I really couldn't get into working out after it.  I'm feeling pretty good and I'm very happy that I'm mostly keeping up with the challenge! I think I can do the next 7 days without any misses.  I'm going to try my best.

My knees are cracking and creaking when doing all the dancing, so I'm nervous that something is going on with them. It hurts sometimes, but not unbearably   It's very  uncomfortable and I even had to take ibuprofen a couple of nights. Because of this I'm starting to be concerned about the upcoming 5K training. I'm not sure I should be running, I don't want to mess up my knees.  I hope the more I work out the stronger they will get. I'm also thinking of getting a supplement that will help with cartilage. I'll keep an eye on it, and if I'm still having issues by the time I'm supposed to start training, I'll have to back out of it. I won't injure myself for a charity run. I'm crossing my fingers that it'll all be fine!

Regardless of my knees, week 2 here we go!

Do you have issues with your knees and still work out? Please give me some tips that could help, other than going to the doctor.  My insurance sucks so I'm only interested in going there if it's serious. Thanks in advance guys!


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