Thursday, March 28, 2013

Throwback Thursday: Michigan Renaissance Festival 9/18/11

I found this post in my drafts from fall 2011! So I thought this would be perfect for my first Throwback Thursday post.  Not exactly the traditional "old school", but I think this is old enough to count!


Me eating a turkey leg!
Two words. So fun! This was my second time to this festival. My first visit was so long ago, I don’t remember many of the details. But I must say this go around it was very crowded. I went with my sister and her two older kids. We had to park in the overflow parking lot…which meant a mile walk (it felt like a mile) back and forth from the entrance. At least I felt like I burned some of the calories I ate! Seeing people walk around in costume was to fun. All the cute puppies and dogs walking around was interesting. They have tons of kids activities and adult stuff too (aka alcohol)!!

Lesson 1: Get there early. There were so many people it took us almost an hour to get there from the expressway. It was backed up at the exit all the way there. That was seriously crazy. Next time, we will leave to be there when they open.

Also all the people made for extra long lines for everything. Kids projects, rides, and especially the line for the enormous turkey leg. Plus by the time we got there, they were sold out of Scottish Eggs!! Shameful!! I really wanted to try one of those. Oh well, next time.

Lesson 2: Even if its bone dry outside…were your “dirty” gym shoes. Somehow, even with it being dry with no rain, there was its fare mount of soft dirt , aka , mud. I was not happy that I wore a newer pair of shoes. My bad!

Lesson 3: Be prepared for walking along time. We stayed from 2pm to closing at 7pm. That place is so huge, I know there were places we didn’t get to check out. Between walking from and to the overflow parking lot and walking round that huge place, I’m sure we walked 4 miles or so.

Lesson 4: You’re going to spend some cash! The tickets are 19.95 for adults at the door. We got them for 16.95 at Kroger beforehand. All the food ranges from $4 - $6.75 per serving. And trust you will want to try a few things. Share! That’s the key. My sister and I shared everything we tried. (plus it saved some calories…I hope!)

Most of the stores are pretty pricy. Here is a little preview, based on some stuff we bought. I got a small, yet pretty Swarovski stone necklace on a cord for $23 plus tax. A little over priced in my opinion. My sister purchased a wooden beer mug for $55. Very nicely made, but still a little pricey. The kids trinkets were priced moderately. Sand in a glass jar $5 for the small one. Wax hand, $5 plus $1 for color. Pony Ride, a few bucks. Swords, shields, trendy “Renaissance” hip wraps with coins, $7-$30.

Overall a pretty fun time. We’re planning on going again next year. We may add this onto our early fall yearly
must do list.

Here are a few pictures from our Renaissance adventures.


My niece!

My sister & nephew!

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