Saturday, February 28, 2015

Blue Apron Meal #2

The second Blue Apron meal for this week is Chicken & Sage Biscuit Pot Pie with Cremini Mushrooms & Purple Top Turnip. Let me start with the fact that this meal was delicious. Period. The dish was flavorful and reminded me of something that my grandmother would have cooked. This meal was home cooking at its roots with updated twists on the ingredients. 

The ingredients include fresh sage, purple top turnips and a fluffy biscuit mix. It's the fresh sage that took this meal to the next level. At first I was concerned that there wasn't enough chicken for the volume of vegetables, but it was the perfect amount.  There was soggy butter lettuce with my first meal, but everything for this dish was fresh and in tip top shape.

What was fun about cooking this meal is that I got to use a few more "fancy" cooking techniques. Poaching chicken, making a roux.  All fun stuff. Lots of steps. but it comes together. It was worth the hour and a half that it took to complete.  I'm sure stopping to take photos at every step contributed to my cooking time.

I was pleasantly surprised and pleased that my husband and I got 4 servings out of this recipe. The leftovers the next day were just as wonderful. The recipe card called for 3 servings, so to have extra was nice. This is of course based on what we consider a serving size.  

As far as the costs goes on this meal, I did think that $10 per serving was a bit high.  The fact that we were able to get 4 servings out of it brought the price tag down to $5 per serving, which was much more to my liking.  Top that with the fact that I'm really enjoying not having to go shopping for dinner. It's great not to have to plan or think about what you'll be making.

So far, I think that these meals are great for average to above average home cooks.  These may be slightly more challenging for those who have never cooked or those who aren't good at multitasking while cooking.

I'd rate this meal 5 forks out of 5. The ingredients were basic and delicious.

Happy eating,

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