Saturday, March 7, 2015

Blue Apron Meal #3

Today I'll be talking about the third meal from my first Blue Apron Box, Orange Beef Lo Mein.  My husband and I decided that we like the service enough to keep doing it until we get sick of trying different meals.  For now, we've opted to do it every other week, so that we can continue to have a few of our staples and return to normalcy after having a few different meals.

The Orange Beef Lo Mein was was an easy and fun meal.  It really tasted like it was straight out of  PF Changs or a similar restaurant. 

All the veggies were fresh and balanced perfectly together in the dish. I'd never eaten a few of those ingredients before, so it was fun to try some new things.

The slight crunch of the cabbage with the softer Gai Lan leaves was delicious and balanced well. The Gai Lan sort of reminded me of kale, but taste was a tad more like broccoli. The orange flavor was distinct yet not over powering.  I could also taste the soy sauce and the Miran. I've never had Miran before, which is a sweet rice wine, but it has a distinct flavor and cut the richness of the beef.

I was nervous that there wouldn't be enough beef, similar to what I thought about the chicken from the last meal. Different from last time, I do wish that we would have gotten a half pound more of the beef. It was way more noodles that everything else- but maybe traditionally that's how the dish is supposed to be? Who knows, we don't usually eat Lo Mein.

Per the recipe card, this was to be 3 servings, and it was.  So we ate this for dinner and I had the leftovers for lunch the next day. Not bad for the price of $20 for the whole dish, that works out to $6.66 per serving and I find that to be a great value.

Not to mention, I saved money buy hot having to go to the store and buy full sized amounts of all of these ingredients.  Which most likely, I would have only used once. This service really cuts down on wasted food as well.

I would rate this dish 5 forks out of 5. Overall this was an excellent box! I'm looking forward to the next.

I also want to update you on the soggy/bad Butter Lettuce that I mentioned in my first Blue Apron post. I reached out to Blue Apron via Facebook message about the bad lettuce and they finally got back to me. They apologized about the inconvenience and issued a $20 credit toward my next box. I appreciate that they made it right. While it did take several days for them to get back to me, I'm happy with how their customer service handled the problem.

Happy eating,

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