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Tech Obsession | Fitbit Charge & Fitbit One

First let me start off with the fact that I've had the Fitbit One for a year now and I've enjoyed it very much.  While the Fitbit One is good and has good features, I wanted to upgrade a little bit, so I had a choice to make. I went back and forth for a while on if I should go with the Charge HR or the Charge. I weighed the features versus the costs and decided to go with the Charge.

I've been wearing the Charge everyday for a month now and I'm really liking it. I like the ease of use and the ability to quickly tap a button on the unit to see all of my stats. I'm enjoying that I can wear it all day and night and not even notice it. It's light weight and comfortable. Style-wise, while I like the sleek look of it, I wish that it had the same closure as the Charge HR version. I'd prefer to take it on and off like a watch instead of clipping it closed.

I found one flaw that bothers immensely, and it happens every 6-7 days. What happens in that time frame? It's time to charge the unit. I've found that every time that I charge the unit, once I disconnect it from the cord, it no longer syncs with the Fitbit app. This happens every time.  I did some Googling and found that when this happens you have to basically restart the watch. So, now every time I charge it, I hold the button down to restart it right before I remove it from the charger and then it's fine.  But if I ever forget to do so, hours later I realize that it's not syncing and that's no fun.

Speaking of the Fitbit app.  I'm using it on my LG G2, which is an Android device running Lollipop 5.0.2 and in general it works great (minus the syncing issue). The many updates to the app have improved the user experience little by little. With each update I believe the experience will get even better and more user friendly.  At this point in time, the one feature that stands out to me as missing is the ability to interact with the groups that you've joined on 

Included in the most recent update they fixed another issue that I was having. Prior to the update we could only connect one Fitbit model.  Now we can link up more than one Fitbit at a time. This is wonderful because now I can switch back and forth with the One and Charge depending on what I want to wear that day.

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I bet you're wondering- how does what you wear matter?  I happen to think that the Charge is sporty looking. As one who dresses business casual for work everyday, I likes to wear chunky watches and cute bracelets, and the Charge doesn't exactly match. Not to mention it's just plain weird to wear two watches. The app feature that I just mentioned has alleviated my issues because I can now switch back and forth without any issues. No more having to swap out the model on the app every time.  It's quick and easy.

As I've mentioned the Fitbit One in this review, let me tell you about it.  I like it. It does what it's supposed to do, it's reliable, and it's easy to conceal. I usually wear mines in the middle of my bra in the front so that it's well hidden plus I never have to worry about the clip sliding from my pants or skirts. I don't like that I have to take the unit out of the clip and put it into a uncomfortable and very wide fabric wrist band to track my sleep at night.  The velcro closure on the wristband is annoying, it seems to come apart after a while and no longer stay closed, not to mention the mesh part of the band is so slippery that the One has slipped out of it during the night on more than a few occasions.

When it comes down to one versus the other, I couldn't choose. Both have their strong points and while neither model is perfect, I enjoy them both for different reasons. I'd recommend either of these to anyone that wants a activity tracker. The decision on the model just depends on what your specific needs are.

In the market for a Fitbit? Check out their website for in depth comparisons.  Last but not least, pick up yours on Amazon. I've found that the prices are most competitive there. I looked at pricing from several other online stores, plus Costco, and Amazon came out cheaper.

What about you? Do you have a Fitbit? If so, please share what model you have and what you like best about it.

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