Saturday, July 25, 2015

First Impressions | TRUFFLE Clarity Pouch (Small & Large)

Truffle anyone?  Yep, I did it. I caved to the Oprah phenomenon. I bought a product featured in Oprah's magazine June 2015 "O List" (item 11 of 12).  Needless to say that I went with my favorite colors, grey and silver! What made it more appealing is that the small pouch was on sale for $20 and the large pouch was on sale for $22 - so I had to try it.

I ordered on a Friday July 17th and it shipped the same day with a tracking number. It shipped from Colorado and it arrived to me in Michigan 5 business days later on Friday July 24th. Not bad on delivery time. Shipping was a little steep at $6 for a flat cardboard mailing envelop that weighs 1 pound shipped via UPS Surepost. They should negotiate for better shipping rates (I'm just saying).

At first glance little pouches are gorgeous, The details are nice. The plastic feels thick and sturdy. The seams appear to be tight and secure. The zipper is actually plastic, which surprises me as I expected metal, but it should hold up well enough.  The silver hardware with TRUFFLE stamped into the front is really cute. There is also TRUFFLE stamped onto a plastic tag and the sewn into the back of the pouch. Side note: on the back of said plastic tag, it's stamped that it's "Made in China" take what you will from that. I suspect that the manufacturing costs are very low and the company is making a killing on the profit margin because they are selling these bags at a inflated price.

I saw one major imperfection on the small pouch. On the back of silver hardware piece there is a chunk of silver that is missing. You can see the colored metal peeking out from underneath the coating (see photo). I'm guessing the machine that assembled it scratched it off somehow. Not cool for the price tag. Quality needs to be on par. With this defect, it's obvious that the hardware is definitely not sterling silver. Speaking of imperfections - it's a minor one, but I also see that the silver vinyl lining around the edges of both pouches aren't even. You can see where the ends overlap because the sewer didn't line up the edges so you can see both ends. So again - it's definitely made in bulk.

I reached out to One Truffle this morning via email to see how they would handle my issue. Great news is that they replied to me in under an hour and are shipping a replacement. On the plus side - they have speedy and efficient customer service.

Even with the flaws, I'll be keeping the pouches and using them for organizing planner supplies in my work bag. I like being able to see what's in the bag when I'm reaching for it. I can see how these pouches would be useful for personal items when traveling or even with makeup or other things that can be carried in a decent size every day purse or bag.  Just brainstorming here, but I think that the small pouch could even be converted into a wristlet with some miner DIY work.

With all that said, I like the pouches. They are functional, pretty, and they can to be used for many different things.  Even though I like the pouches, I do feel that they are overpriced. Especially with the quality of them. With a regular price tag of $32 for the small pouch and $36 for the large pouch, that's way too high. The only way I'd recommend these is if you happen to catch them on sale like I did.

If you're interested in picking up your own, they are still on sale as of today (July 25th).  Checkout other Truffle pouches here.

Did you cave and purchase a Truffle pouch like I did?  If you own one, please share with me what you think of them.

Live Lavishly,

*These pouches were purchased with my own money. This is not a sponsored post.

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