Saturday, September 5, 2015

August Favorites (2015) | Lifestyle, Food, Local Finds & More

It's that time again. I'm sharing things that I've been loving during the past month.  You won't see every category, every time I post this feature- but you'll surely find all of the things that I loved enough to recommend.

Food & Drink
  • Superior Nut & Candy Dark Chocolate Almonds - I found a huge 48 oz container at Costco and it's totally dangerous! Between my husband and myself, we've been devouring these. These are the perfect ending when you want a little something sweet (not but not sugary) after dinner. Grab a palmful of these and the sweet craving is satisfied. Plus dark chocolate is good for you! 
  • Fenn Valley Capriccio - This red blend wine was gifted to me by a friend. This is her favorite Michigan wine and I can see why. It's delicious. I suspect it'll be hard to find in the stores, but luckily I can order online.

Planner, Pens & Stationary
  • Twsbi Mini  - I picked up this pen after drooling over it for months. I'm glad that I did because I've been using it everyday. I seriously love it. I don't know why I waited so long to pick one up. I purchased the fine nib version, and it's the perfect thickness.
  • Parker Super Quink Permanent Ink  - I also needed ink for my shiny new pen. I picked it up in black ink and it looks really nice.

  • Ballers (HBO) - This is a new series that came out this summer It's a 10 episode season that I powered through it in two weekends. I really liked it, football and drama. On a side note - The Rock singing Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off" - is just priceless (episode 8). Even if you're not a football fan, you'll enjoy this show.
  • Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family) - Yep, I'm still watching this. I watched season one in July and I watched season two in August. Every weekend, I watch several hours of PLL. For a young adult show, it's pretty entertaining. You'll enjoy it more if you don't think too hard about it and have a good time with all the antics of the Liars as they try to hunt down "A".

    Apps (Android OS)
  • Periscope - I've been obsessed with watching scopes in the last few weeks. I came across a YouTuber talking about it and had to check it out for myself. Periscope was purchased by Twitter back in January for an estimated $100 Million. The community is still in it's early stages, but I see huge potential here. It could be the next biggest social media platform. What is it? It's live streaming all over the world! Instead of watching a video, you're watching the host live. You can tune into someone on their walk home in Paris, or having tea in London, or talking about the best ways to improve your brand in Atlanta all while interacting with comments. The world is your oyster with Periscope. I haven't done my own broadcast yet, but I plan too. What topics would you like to see me talk about on a live scope?
Michigan Local Finds | Restaurant
  • Take Sushi - A colleague told me about this amazing sushi restaurant in Rochester Hills, MI. Of course, I had to check it out. I went with my cousin a few weeks ago and we LOVED it. It's going to be my new sushi place for a while. It's a small and almost hidden spot, but it's really cute and quaint on the inside with an authentic feel. They provide a hot towel for each person when you sit down and hot tea is included. Below are a few shots of our lunch there that I posted on Instagram ( We shared ramen and a few sushi rolls and everything was delicious. 

So that's it for my August favorites. Do you have any favorites that you've been enjoying over the last month? If so, please share. I enjoy discovering new things.

Live Lavishly,

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